Texture Mix

Mixing textures is seriously on trend, and with a little layering and trickery, you can rework garments again and again by adding different textures altogether. Some of the best textures are contrasting, like leather and silk.
Outfit: For this outfit, team a leather skirt with a short sleeve lace top to soften the sometimes harshness of the leather. Adding mint green flats bring a fashionable edge to the look, with mint being one of the colours of the season. The necklace adds colour to the subtle grey lace, while the neutral colour of the top allows the necklace to really ‘pop’, simultaneously.  Keeping in with the theme of textures the suede bag really adds versatility and the fringe detailing is another key trend this season.
Makeup: Try a nude eyeshadow, simple winged out eyeliner and mascara with this look. An illuminating blusher and nude pink lipstick will keep it calm and neutral as the main focus is on the different textures… Lastly, a spray of your favorite perfume and you’re good to go.
Tip of the day: Add heels with a pop of colour to this look to go from daytime to an evening with a simple swap of shoes, you could even team this look with a pair of heeled Chelsea boots for a more relaxed evening out.

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