Thu Thu and Azealia Banks – One day

Thuy Duong Nguyen, creator of her brand Thu Thu is a designer that develops pieces that fits well in any wardrobe. Why? Because she uses vintage fabrics from Vietnam (her native) creating such wearable, desirable pieces that would fly of Zoe Chic’s online fashion range if we had the opportunity to stock them. The vibrant colours and in your face prints will always make Thu Thu pieces stand out. 

As beautiful as her AW12 collection is I have to remain focused on the SS12 collection. Specially the Sappa Suede Biker Jacket; its tan colour against the Aztec prints proves a quality, timelines and unique purchase. Adding to the beauty of the SS12 collection are the Sapa Leopard Jeans – if anyone would tell me that leopard jeans would be my dream next purchase I would have raised a brow. However, they have truly become my favourite piece of the collection. So unique, vibrant, and wearable Thu Thu has definitely achieved a big gold star in my eyes with her mixed texture, colourful and courageous collection.

When asked who her dream celebrity fan would be she said Azealia Banks (aka Miss Bank$); now I have to be honest I didn’t actually know who she was HOWEVER after a quick google/youtube search her voice is one of a kind and her rhythm is addictive. To comment on her style I can see why Thuy Duong Nguyen would be an admirer – she has a Aztec, tribal and adventurous style that can be matched and translated through many Thu Thu pieces from the AW12 collection.




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