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Emerging Fashion Designers at Fashion Weeks

With many fashion weeks taken place in Milano, New York and of course Paris I have picked out my favourite few new emerging fashion designers that I ZoeChic would love to work with on an exclusive collection. Firstly at New York fashion week it is all about Sophie Theallet (est 2009) Fall Winter 2012-2013 collection presented a colourful and powerful winter collection. The texture of materials are attractive and give you a ‘I want it now!!!!’ feel. Specifically the chiffon pink wrap dress that suits any shape and size with a beautiful satin tie that will make an woman feel as luxurious a designers aims for.

Sophie Theallet Fall Winter 2012-13 collection

In Paris Fashion week Corrado De Biase (est 2010), Collections Fall Winter 2012-13 shows a great eye for fabrics and bang on trend colours. The use of capes, pleated skirts mixed fabrics makes a beautiful collection that is strong and must be an exciting time for the team behind Corrado De Biase – one to watch for sure!

Corrado De Biase Fall Winter 2012-2013 collection

My favourite of the three has to be from Milano is CO|TE; the collection is simple, flawless and effortless. The colours used are so strong that whether it’s their beige jumper or turquoise and orange dress its 100% a must see collection. I can see this collection fitting in with the majority of the London fashionistas and, if I had the choice of the three, I would want to develop a collection with CO|TE for sure.

CO|TE simple, flawless and effortless


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